“Thank you so much for the quick and easy switch from S… Propane. Valley has no hidden fees like S… Propane and so far 100 times better customer service. After being a S… Propane customer for 5 years and being quoted $2 per gallon over market value for our recent fill, I looked into other propane options and am very happy with the switch. Thank you for alleviating some of the stress from dealing with S… Propane! I look forward to being a long-lasting customer of yours! ”
Nicolle M. – Wayland, NY
“Just got hooked up today to do business with Valley and the great people from the office, to the installation and delivery people. Very professional and nice! ”
Clarence R. – Warsaw, NY
“Great customer service—the install guys were very knowledgeable and professional! ”
Inez B. – Naples, NY
“A new satisfied customer made possible by your sales rep. He wasted no time hitting the pavement and getting the word out about great promotions offered by Valley. So far we’ve been pleased with all your staff, and your LPG price is as good as or better than others! ”
Bill S. – Hornell, NY
“We changed to Valley Energy a couple of years ago. Our vacation homes need the special customer care that Valley provides. From the sales department, to the service department, Valley has been there for us. ”
Webster Property Management, LLC – Rochester, NY

Valley Propane Technician Delivering Fuel to NY Customers

Residential Heating Oil Delivery

Your heating oil is now better than ever since New York State mandated a change to ultra- low sulfur heating oil (ULSHO) in 2012. By removing 99% of the sulfur content of the fuel, this efficient and more environmentally friendly product boasts substantially reduced emissions. Used primarily for home heating or hot water, the new ULSHO also reduces the amount of maintenance that may be required on your heating equipment and helps extend the service life of this equipment.

The use of ULSHO combined with the new super-efficient heating equipment can boast efficiencies as high as 95%.

All new customers receive a FREE safety inspection of the oil tank, piping, vent and fill system prior to the first delivery to assure your system is safe and ready for delivery. To become a new heating oil delivery customer, click here!

Request Heating Oil Delivery for Your Home Today

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