“Your service tech did a great job on the new tank installation! Very professional and a good listener. ”
“We started doing business with Valley Energy in June of 2014. We have used 51,000 gallons of low sulfur road fuel, 24,000 gallons of road fuel and 4,500 gallons of regular gas. The quality of the products has been excellent and their pricing has been fair. The service has been great. Our deliver person, Jeff, is friendly and great to work with. We are glad we switched to Valley. ”
“We are pleased to be doing business with a locally owned, American company like ourselves. We feel Valley Fuel is a great addition to our supply team! ”
“We changed to Valley Energy a couple of years ago. Our vacation homes need the special customer care that Valley provides. From the sales department, to the service department, Valley has been there for us. ”
“A new satisfied customer made possible by your sales rep. He wasted no time hitting the pavement and getting the word out about great promotions offered by Valley. So far we’ve been pleased with all your staff, and your LPG price is as good as or better than others! ”
“Thank you so much for the quick and easy switch from S… Propane. Valley has no hidden fees like S… Propane and so far 100 times better customer service. After being a S… Propane customer for 5 years and being quoted $2 per gallon over market value for our recent fill, I looked into other propane options and am very happy with the switch. Thank you for alleviating some of the stress from dealing with S… Propane! I look forward to being a long-lasting customer of yours! ”
“Just got hooked up today to do business with Valley and the great people from the office, to the installation and delivery people. Very professional and nice! ”
“Great customer service—the install guys were very knowledgeable and professional! ”

Valley Fuels Propane Delivery Truck in Western New York


Valley Energy ensures the safety of our employees, our customers and the environment by having the proper tools, training and open communication. Compliance with the various regulations promulgated by the DOT, OSHA, NFPA, EPA, NYSDEC and the various propane and fuel industry associations are critical to the daily operation of our business.

Review Our Propane & Fuel Safety Resources & Websites

The following websites provide important safety information related to the various energy products that we sell as well as general information and analysis to enhance your understanding of today’s energy markets.

  1. Propane Education and Research Council (

    The Propane Education and Research Council (PERC) is a check-off program established, operated and funded by the propane industry. The only energy council of its kind, PERC educates consumers about propane’s many uses and benefits, leads safety and training efforts among propane retailers and consumers, and drives technology development to expand adoption of propane as a clean, affordable, American-made energy source. The following are important safety downloads that are available:

    1. Important Safety Information for You and Your Family
    2. Consumer Safety Videos:
      How to Read a Tank Gauge
      Converting to Natural Gas
      Small Cylinders
      System Inspection
      How to Turn Tank Off
      Smell Gas Leak
    3. Consumer Safety Modules
      What is Propane
      what is propane
      What to Do if You Smell Gas
      what to do if you smell gas
      Can You Smell It
      can you smell it
      Carbon Monoxide Safety
      carbon monoxide safety
      Running Out of Gas
      running out of gas
      Lighting Pilot Lights
      lighting pilot lights
      Small Cylinder Transportation and Storage
      small cylinder transportation and storage
      Safe Grilling
      safe grilling
      Spring/Summer Weather Safety
      spring summer weather safety
      Power Outages
      power outages
      Appliance Maintenance
      appliance maintenance
      Winter Storm Preparedness
      winter storm preparedness
      Flood Preparedness
      flood preparedness
      Wildfire Preparedness
      wildfire preparedness
      Hurricane Preparedness
      hurricane preparedness
    4. Weather Safety Brochures
      Power Outages
      Power Outage Propane Safety Brochure Thumbnail
      Thunderstorm Propane Safety Brochure Thumbnail
      Winter Storms
      Winter Storm Propane Safety Brochure Thumbnail
      Hi Snowfall Areas
      Snowfall Propane Safety Brochure Thumbnail
      Floods Propane Safety Brochure Thumbnail
      Extreme Heat
      Extreme Heat Propane Safety Brochure Thumbnail
      Earthquake Propane Safety Brochure Thumbnail
      Tornadoes Propane Safety Brochure Thumbnail
      Wildfires Propane Safety Brochure Thumbnail
      Hurricane Propane Safety Brochure Thumbnail
  2. Energy Information Administration (EIA)

    This is an independent, government website providing energy news, statistics, forecasts, and information to enhance your understanding of today’s energy markets.

  3. New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA)

    NYSERDA offers objective information and analysis, innovative programs, technical expertise and support to help New Yorkers increase energy efficiency and save money.

  4. Powering The American Dream One Tank at a Time
  5. Build with Propane Guide – Residential Addition